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PJL is a political poetry collective. 


We will serve, protect, enhance. 

Right wrongs. Make the weak poet strong.

Created by: Matt Mullins



News & Events



  • School shooting at Saugus high school in Santa Clarita, California. Nov. 14
  • Lake County, FL declares themselves "second amendment sanctuary" in opposition to gun control efforts. Nov. 13
  • Number of Americans in support of stricter gun control increases.  Oct. 21
  • Bronx school teacher continues hunger strike in protest of congress's lacking action for gun control.  Oct. 19
  • Ohio governor rejects Red Flag law and plans to extend pink slip policy.  Oct. 7
  • The Supreme court agrees to take on the NY regulation case in December. Oct. 7
  • New York’s gun transportation regulation law is in danger of meeting conservative majority Supreme Court in December. Sept. 29
  • Trump using impeachment inquiry to postpone further gun control action. Sept. 29
  • Florida activists with the committee Ban Assault Rifles Now are moving ahead to put the proposed bill to ban semi-automatic weapons on the 2020 ballot. Currently, the proposal has 59% voter support. Sept. 28
  • Latest gun control bills remain unsigned by Trump. Sept. 22
  • Virginian democratic candidates rally for pro-gun control laws outside of NRA headquarters. Sept. 20
  • Increased number of registered gun owners in Texas following the summer's mass shootings, in addition to the passing of eight more lenient gun laws.      Sept. 16
News and Events


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