In 2018, in the season of Donald Trump and longing for another time, Chris Green was driving down a Chicago road to see his poetic super heroes Jan Bottiglieri, cin salach, and Tony Trigilio. He proposed The Poetic Justice League, a group for poetic non-silence on the big issues of the day. They dreamed up PJL to unfold group poems, to wake up poets and readers to a sense of newborn responsibility. 


PJL is a poetry collective. 

An assemblage of independent writers who have joined together 

to poetically empower political conversation.


There may be adventures, or an expanded universe situation. 

We’re considering capes.


We will serve, protect, enhance. 

Right wrongs. Make the weak poet strong.

Conclude with art for everyone’s sake.

"A little boy ducks and covers." Public domain image digitally altered by Niki Nolin. Reproduced by permission. 

Founding Editor: 

Chris Green

Content Editor: 

Zoe Seipp

Website Editor:


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